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Applying for credit online with Aide Financière has several advantages when it comes to financing a project, the possibility of simplifying the process, accessing a wide range of online loans according to your project and quickly submitting a financing application in line with the nature of your need. As mentioned above, your online loan application may or may not be affected by the nature of your project.

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Credit and Financing at a fixed annual interest rate of 2%.

Our aim is to promote the financing of short, medium and long-term loans at competitive rates. With us, borrow and repay with flexibility.


It turns out that you don’t have enough money to finance your dream project. The personal loan is an alternative to remedy this. You can apply for a personal loan of up to €50,000


If you want to buy a car but don’t have the capital to finance it, taking out a car loan is the ideal solution. You can apply for up to €250,000 for your car loan.


If you want to buy a new flat or house, a mortgage is still the best option for you. You can apply for up to €500,000 for your home loan.

What types of evidence are required for a personal loan?

Although a personal loan does not require proof of use, it does require proof of status. Thus, as with other consumer loans, or even property loans, the borrower is obliged to attach, in substance, to his or her financing file:

proof of identity

Identity card, passport, driving licence or any other official document

proof of address

Official document in your name showing the same address (driving licence, tax notice, civil status certificate, pension certificate, family allowance certificate, Pôle Emploi certificate)


We are a leading provider of credit to individuals and businesses. As a financial institution, we are the world’s leading credit provider.

Our mission is to promote the financing of short, medium and long term loans anywhere in the world where there is a need, particularly to individuals and businesses.

We process your request regardless of your nationality.
Your file is treated with absolute confidentiality.
We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.
A solution adapted to companies


Your file is treated confidentially in accordance with the new IT law.


We process your application regardless of your nationality and economic situation.


Access to your credit is intuitive and fast! A few documents are all you need.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers every day. Take advantage of this!

Best prices

One of the best rates in the online credit application market

Your answer within 24 hours!

Complete your credit application online in 2 minutes and get a definitive answer within 24 hours! Get your loan within 72 hours.

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100% online application

Sign your contract online, upload the required documents to your file in a few clicks on your mobile or your computer.

secure platform

CF SERVICES PLUS has its own banking licence from a credit institution and guarantees strong protection of your personal data.

competitive loan

At CF SERVICES PLUS, benefit from a low cost loan... never hidden, unbeatable interest rates, fixed and repayable.

Our experts advise and support you

One of our experts will contact you to diagnose your situation and your needs. It’s free and without obligation!

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